Scammers look for any way they can to convince you to do what they want. One of their tactics is to tell you you’ve won a prize, or send you an email saying your package will arrive but that you need to send them some information before they can deliver. Use common sense. Don’t fall for it! Remember, if you have to pay anything in time or money or give any information out before they will send it, DO NOT DO IT! No one should ask you for information via email or phone.

  • Here are just a few examples of what you might be asked to do:”
  • Pay a fee
  • Wire money
  • Deposit a check sent to you
  • Attend a sales meeting
  • Speak with a “representative” on the phone

So if the source of the information doesn’t sound familiar to you, that’s another red flag. There are rules that must be followed when asking for information via phone or email.

Steer clear of “Netflix phishing scams, Putting cash in the mail scams, Tax Identity Scam, and there are many more” that should be recognized. If it doesn’t sounds right, it probably isn’t.